Since the last decade, men’s fashion clothing has seen massive changes in trends and styles and the new hip patterns are making a place for themselves in men’s wardrobes. Acclaimed designers such as Pretty Green, Henri Lloyd and Ralph Lauren are giving us a reason to celebrate, with new arrivals coming up every season.

Even the conventional jeans have now transformed into new fits, cuts, dyes and styles. Men can now choose from a myriad styles ranging from relaxed fit, deeper blue and a flared leg and have as many designers to select from as women have had for decades. Men’s jumpers can look highly attractive with crew or V-necks, patterned or solid fabrics and several other flamboyant combinations. Here are a few hip ensembles for men that are in sync with today’s fashion world.

Hip Hop

Muted or dark colored hoodies, baseball caps and baggy jeans, colorful T shirts, etc. continue to rule the fashion world of hip-hop designer male clothing. Tracksuits, athletic sneakers and sports jerseys are still favored by the urban male youth and puffy or leather jackets still continue to receive a thumbs-up for designer hip hop male clothing.


Rebel/punk is still famous with today’s fashionistas. Worn out leather, ratty t-shirts, high boots, torn jeans and metal accessories dwell in the wardrobes for designer clothing. Punk designer clothing has its own versatility since it can pass for something new and old, in the sense that it can be worn out or torn a bit. Knit beanie or a Mohawk can add well to a rebel designer look.

Designer Suits

A suit and tie has been the best fit for people in various walks of life such as ad men, attorneys, traders and bankers to name a few. Urban men inclined towards these mostly favor two-piece grey and black tones, conservative designs or monotone colors and white shirts.

Denim Designer Blazers

Without a Denim designer blazer, a man’s wardrobe remains incomplete. Men’s fashion has been getting reinvented and reintroduced to a more spruced up appearance and men’s fashion has witnessed a lot of change. Denim blazers can be the best fit during the night, if worn over a woven shirt, and serve as the best for the day if paired with a fine knit sweater. If you’re wearing a blazer during the fall, you don’t have to necessarily match the blazer with the trouser. You just need to pair and complement the blazer with your trouser.

Men’s Denim Jackets

You can pull off the latest trends in denim men’s jackets with vintage wash and vintage cut. A fashionable denim jeans jacketwithout sleeves, however with seams, proper embellishments and pockets, rules the denim jackets world. Color combination serves as a key element in the Denim world. As far as possible, keep the colors of 2 denim garments the same. If you’re wearing a Denim jacket, you should make sure that it fits over your jersey or shirt during colder weather.

Designer Shorts

The length of the designer shorts plays a vital role in looking fashionable. Cargo shorts representing Capri length or straight slim fit cuts looks hip. You should keep the length either just above the knees or mid-calf. Distressed wash shorts is also ‘in’ these days. Try not to wear shorts falling just below your knees since it looks a little outdated. During the warm days, you can buy regular denim, cut it at the calf, followed by rolling the ends a bit above the knees.

You can easily embellish your wardrobe with these outfits suiting different occasions. Designer hip hop, rebel, suits, shorts and jackets can make a style statement if you follow the suggestions given above. Men have started taking their appearance as seriously as women. Whatever your inclination towards fashion is, you should make sure that you feel snug in your designer clothing and you wear the right cut and design.