If you’re confused about the difference between a snapback hat and the various other types of hats, let us shed some light for you!

A snapback hat is simply the style of cap where there is am adjustable snap-fitting on the back, as opposed to fitted caps that come in various sizes. Snapback hats are one size fits all.

Is that the same as a trucker hat?

No, not really. Trucker hats generally are partially made out of mesh, while classic snapback hats are not. Although you could probably get away with calling a trucker hat a snapback hat, since it is adjustable in the same way, it might cause some confusion! See the following pics for visual reference:

Snapback Hat


Trucker Hat


Fitted Hat


Snapback Hats and Snapback Caps are enjoying a NEW TREND today, which is everything that was old..is now new and Snapback Hats are no exception. The Snapback Cap style that was popular in the 80’s are hugely popular, particularly the Vintage Starter Snapback Hats.

Snapback hats began its reign in the sports sector, most especially in baseball. But due to its look, it is now accepted in the fashion atmosphere. here are some vintage snapbacks

Miami Heat

chicago bulls

Atlanta Hawks

New York Knicks

Los Angeles Lakers

Miami Dolphins


The Reign Of  TISA

TISA is a clothing company, which started in the 80’s by Taz Arnold. They also produce NBA, Vintage snapback hats, with their logo on the left.



APART from these, distinctive personalities have come up with their own snapbacks. Look Below:

Lasgidi Caps