BlackBerry Generation

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It didnt start long ago. It started in our midst. that was the period Nokia phones were taking their reign, all of a sudden, BlackBerry appeared from no where. but Nokia was still occupying their space, due to the fact that BlackBerry phones were mostly used by Business associates. that was when the goodies started to show face. It was crazy, the fever and the longing to be in possession of one of those. even those that were freaked out and vexed to the brim when ever they  saw people, especially the adolescence  talking about it, they all are enjoying theirs.

There was a certain day, i went for a Bible study class, the power went off, as we waited for the generator to go on, i looked around and i saw the swamp of Blackberry Phones all around. It wasn’t funny any longer. Well, Nokia still reigns and so does iPhone. But if u count the number of Nokia phones and BlackBerry’s. certainly, nokia phones is gonna go round times three, because by the time you count the kpalasa alone, its gonna beat BlackBerry hands down.




it aint the end of the world yet….you still remember the Clear iPhone in T-pain;s song – 5’o clock ???


Hey y’all

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I welcome you all to this site, its new though, so i just glance in here from time to time and post some things. I hope you all will enjoy it. not my official blog site though..thankz.. Kuchiki !